The Undergreen Railroad is an organization seeking 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit status and is designed to assist, educate, and provide resources to medical patients and their families, farmers, and recreational cannabis users to seek legal refuge and relocate from states with unfriendly cannabis laws to cannabis compassionate states!

- Update 12/23/13 -

Keep in mind folks that this page is still in the fledgling stage. There are still some changes and tweaks we need to make and we know that.

Please note the "Volunteer Sign Up Form" page listed in the left column. We have added this for 2 reasons:

1)Because we are starting to get as many "offers to" help, as we are "requests for" help.

2)As our official 501(C)(3) status is not complete yet, we are not yet able to accept donations or sponsors, and thus, are not yet able to offer the immediate financial assistance that a LOT of people seem to be needing at this time. This will be changing soon!! But in the meantime please continue to check out the page (through the "Main Page" portal link below) as there are NUMEROUS self-help links and resources available that will still be of a huge help to those in need and who are able to do their own reseach. If there is still any help you need, either navigating through or utilizing the self-help resources, or if you still need general help, please feel free to continue to email us at the link down below with your questions, concerns, and/or referrals.

Please bear with us as we embark on our maiden voyage!!

The purpose of this page is to provide LEGAL resources and alternatives to the lifestyles that hundreds of thousands of American citizens are currently living. NOTHING illegal will be discussed, displayed, or shared on this page! In fact what we are really trying to accomplish here is turn truly sick, legitimate patients and casual users from "criminals" in unfriendly states to "consumers" in friendly ones.

As state and federal medical cannabis research and legislation progresses, there are about to be major changes in the ways we consume our medicine. Cannabis has always been known to be effective in the treatment of Glaucoma, in fact, the Federal Government actually holds patents on its use. Cannabis is now becoming known to be beneficial in the relief of just about any chronic pain condition . Verified, independant studies are now showing that cannabis is known to shrink the growth of, or actually eliminate the presence of certain Cancerous tumors in both children and adults. It is known to be a sleep aid and an appetite enhancer, for people who are suffering adverse side effects to many pharmaceutical, prescription medications. It is also being shown to have a positive effect on the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/A.I.D.S., Autism, Hepatitis C, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimers, Arthritis, Chron's and other Gastrointestinal disorders. And also Parkinsons, Tourette's Syndrome, Epilepsy, and other Seizure or reflex disorders, etc. Are you getting the basic picture yet? The list of medicinal uses of Cannabis goes on and on and is growing continually.

Farming the Hemp plant as a "cash crop" has uses in the Paper, Fabric, Food, Fuel, Building Materials, Medicine etc. industries. It would eliminate greenhouse gases, pollution, depletion of the Ozone layer, and the deforestation of public, state, and Federal land. It would also be instrumental in saving and preserving our worlds natural resources of oil, natural gas, coal, trees etc. The taxation and cash revenues, both State and Federal, from the entire Hemp plant industry in this country are as of yet unknown, but experts project it to be in the Billions. Not to mention the education, jobs, and growth it would create right here in the good old U.S.A.

Many countries around the world, and states here in America are passing medical cannabis/hemp laws or legalizing it completely at an alarming rate. Here in the U.S., new states are passing their own laws on an ongoing basis, with other states constantly introducing their own legislation. There's been roughly 4 new states that have come aboard just since last summer! There are currently 20 states and The District Of Columbia that have medical cannabis programs. In Washington and Colorado the voters of those states made cannabis "legal".

On the Main page We have links to all 21 of those states in the left-hand column with picture links using their state flags. In that same column We also have a link to a section with National listings using the U.S. flag. On each of those links We have provided links to Health & Welfare (Social Services) offices and locations that will provide info on things like Food Stamps, state medical coverage, etc. Whatever programs those particular states have to offer. Also there will be links to SSI offices and locations, cannabis friendly Doctors and/or clinics with info on obtaining a medical certification, Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Employment services, Rental agencies, etc. Whatever resources We can find that might be of help in assisting families and other people in an out-of-state move.

Until Federal legislation is introduced that will end cannabis prohibition, there will be a need for this website. Even after the Fed makes their move, the individual states will still have their own laws. Not all 50 states will come aboard even after the end of prohibition, and at that time the laws and penalties in the "hold out" states will become even stiffer. Thus, the further importance of this site! So, given all of this, We hope you enjoy our site and are able to benefit from the resources We have provided. The link below will take you to the Depot. Have a SAFE, speedy, and happy journey!

To say that you MUST be at least 18 years old to enter this site is pretty much a given. You aren't able, in any state, to apply for or receive ANY of the benefits listed on these pages unless you are of adult age, an emancitaped minor in your home state, or have received clearance through Medical professionals and your parents as a minor.

Parents: If you have a sick child and you have been considering cannabis treatment for their ailment(s), or moving to a state where you can, We deeply encourage you to consider the information you find on these pages. Here at the RailRoad we are all about education and information. We truly hope you benefit from what you find here!

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